Pandora Color Of The Month: May's Gorgeous In Green Birthstone Collection

Brighten up your style with rich emerald green hued jewelry styles.

In May, Pandora is all about emerald green. Symbolizing new beginnings, growth and abundance, green is the perfect color for pepping up any outfit, regardless of season.


At first, bold colors may seem a little hard to pull off. But when you are after quick and stylish pick-me-up solution, nothing boosts your look like an emerald green birthstone pendant or a refined glass charm.


Wear green with botanical-inspired jewelry and your look will reach a whole new level of fresh. When in doubt, go for sterling silver, a surefire way to look your best with color.


In case you are feeling a little color shy, slender rings are the easiest way to add a subtle touch of green to your style. Go solo or add a few sterling silver rings to the mix to create beautiful stacked combinations.

Pandora Green Birthstone Collection Available at The Diamond Center in Janesville & Madison!

The Pandora Green Birthstone Collection is available at The Diamond Center in Janesville & Madison!