Introducing the New Elysium Ring by Lashbrook – The World’s First Solid Diamond Ring!

Elysium rings by Lashbrook are solid diamond.
Natural diamond is formed under extreme pressure and intense heat over a very long time. What’s remarkable is that diamond’s raw material doesn’t merely endure the trials of pressure, heat, and time—it’s improved by them. Bland, unattractive matter becomes brilliant, striking, and harder than any other material on earth.

Watch as this Elysium solid diamond ring scratches a perfectly good piece of granite:
Learn how Elysium bands are created and other amazing facts:


Diamond is made to last forever.

In our throw-away culture we use something for a while, then move onto something else. Your relationship, however, is not disposable. It improves over time and is strengthened through trials

Marriage is meant to last forever

Make a statement about your love. Let Elysium be a symbol of your commitment to not only withstand the tests of time and the pressures of life, but to be improved by them—to be perfected by them… together

An Elysium solid diamond ring is made by fusing 20–25 million diamond crystals together to form a polycrystalline diamond (PCD). To grow these diamonds the crystals are heated to 2700 degrees Fahrenheit and then subjected to a force exceeding 1 million pounds per square inch. Under this tremendous temperature and pressure, the individual diamond crystals literally grow together by overlapping their molecular structures. The random alignment, or non-symmetrical orientation, of the individual crystals during this sintering process produces a solid matrix that does not allow for the reflection of light and gives Elysium diamond rings their extraordinary black color. Elysium rings are made with diamonds that are laboratory-created or engineered. Among the first applications of this PCD technology was the oil and gas industry. PCD drill bits have replaced tungsten carbide bits to drill deep in the earth and last up to 50 to 100 times longer.

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